Ways to support sabts

Tithes, Offerings and Gifts

Check in Offering Plate on Sundays - income tax deductible donations to SABTS for those who itemize* on their Federal income tax forms.

Electronic Donations - you may set up regular weekly, monthly, quarterly (or other times) offerings, gifts, or tithes electronically through your debit or credit card. This can assure your continued support to SABTS even if you are traveling or cannot attend Sundays on a regular basis. You can build this into your normal monthly budget. Perhaps your credit card has travel points or similar bonuses available.

Other Special Financial Giving Ideas:

Qualified Charitable Distribution - Individuals 70 1/2 who must take Required Minimum Distributions from an IRA or SEP IRA may be able to direct payments to the church with tax benefits, even for those who do not itemize on their Federal returns.**

Testamentary Gifts - Have you considered including SABTS in your Will or Trust? Leave a lasting legacy to your church. This is simple and easy to do.

Gifts of Life Insurance - New or existing policies can be a great way to benefit your church as a beneficiary. A significant face amount can be provided to the church for a modest premium outlay. And tax benefits may be available.

Gifts of Highly Appreciated Property - Do you own a piece of property or other asset but hesitate to sell due to large potential tax exposure? Depending on your circumstance, you may avoid income tax on a sale, make an immediate substantial gift to the church, and even retain a sizeable income stream for yourself.

New developments in Senior Life planning make it possible to make immediate and meaningful cash gifts to your church, without any out of pocket outlay during your lifetime. Some age and other conditions may apply.

Other Sophisticated Financial Ideas and Techniques - These unique ideas cost nothing but may be worth many thousands of dollars to you, your family, and SABTS. We encourage you to CONTACT US to discuss any of the above ideas for benefitting St. Andrew's By-the-Sea.

*This assumes your total itemization exceeds the current year Standard Deduction. See your tax advisor regarding your individual income tax situation.

**Consult your tax advisor regarding your individual tax situation.