Bible Study

A personal drop-in Bible study in the style of Lectio Divina.  Come as you are, all are welcome! Wednesday mornings, 7:30 am at

Humphry’s Sandwich Shop.

"Seekers” Adult Sunday School

Meets every Sunday morning at

8:45 am in the RIO Center.

Brewing Faith

Brewing Faith is a fellowship of sharing our stories and our thoughts. Pastor Eric provides questions during the evening to which there are no wrong answers . . . there are only your answers. There is just enough structure . . . but not too much.Usually 2nd Wednesdays, 6:00 pm at HH Cotton's. Check our Events page for updates. 

St. Andrew's Men's Club

St. Andrew's Men's Club offers informative and inspirational programs, calls to service, fellowship and friendship.  Men of all ages and guests (both men and women) are welcomed at 8:00 am in Fellowship Hall the 3rd Saturday of each month, September through May.  For more information, contact Keith Sims (495-5106) or Prescott Cogswell (361-2345).