Teenage years are a time of finding identity, becoming a young adult, and being equipped for the future. There are many different voices that can pull, push, and persuade them to make certain decisions in life; self-identity being one of the greatest obstacles to overcome.

At St. Andrews , we encourage students to explore their gifts and talents in a fun, diverse, and active environment. Not only are students encouraged to find their identity as individuals, but also as followers with genuine faith, passionate hearts of service, and zealous evangelistic habits. Our programs pull teens from throughout San Clemente and South Orange County with times of worship, study, and fun.

Wednesday Night Youth Group

Junior High Youth Group is from

5:00pm – 7:00pm and Senior High Youth Group is from 6:00pm - 8:00pm every Wednesday in the youth room. We will start with dinner, have a time of worship and end with a program and fun games.

Sunday School for

Junior & Senior High

Join us at 10:30 (grades 6-12) on Sunday mornings starting in the service and the we go down to the youth room as we study various stories in the New Testament and what they mean for us in our lives today!

Annual Mission Trip

Our youth group goes on an annul mission trip to serve and minister to the homeless! We truly love serving our homeless friends in cities all over the country and in our local community. You never know where you will catch us next serving our homeless friends in anyway possible!

Mission Trip 2018

Chicago June 10th-15th

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Some info about Chicago:

Chicago is referred to by many names: The Windy City, Chi-Town, and The Second City. A city with so many names is bound to have limitless attractions for tourists all around the world. Most come for things such as: the Willis Tower, Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, the Buckingham Fountain, as well as Second City Comedy Club. Combine that with close to 20,000 restaurants, 27 beaches, and many, many more attractions, and you have a fun vacation ahead! Chicago, just like most other cities, advertises the wonderful things you can do, eat and explore. However, if that’s all you’re able to see when you come to Chicago then you are missing out on what lies beneath the surface of our city.

Looking deeper under the surface though, we can see that Chicago is a struggling city. Currently, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is in debt by 6.3 billion dollars. Because of this, cuts have had to be made in order for children to keep going to school. Over the last year Chicago has closed 50 public schools due to debt. What does this mean for our youth? Unfortunately it means that students are having to travel to farther away schools, many times crossing rival gang lines. This brings in more violence to their commute as well as to their classrooms. Through this darkness though, there is hope. The 2013-2014 school year has held a record high percentage for graduation. There is now a 69% graduation rate city wide! Many of our struggling neighborhoods still have a 10% graduation rate, however we have hope that this number will continue to rise.

As you can see, Chicago is a beautiful, struggling city. Through its imperfections, there are numerous glimpses of hope. CSM Chicago is blessed to serve alongside 60 different partners who are working for justice and peace in the city. Join us as we partner in prayer, as well as service, as we seek to further His

Kingdom in the city.

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