Although formed in 1998, the St. Andrew’s By-the-Sea Foundation evolved from the St. Andrews Memorial Endowment Fund which had been in existence since at least 1979.  A traditional practice within the United Methodist Church membership is honoring deceased members through the gifting of memorial offerings.   Among other purposes, the Endowment Fund served to manage and use those memorial offerings to the aid, promotion and development of the religious, charitable and educational activities, purposes, functions and programs of St. Andrew’s By-the-Sea UMC.  Upon the establishment of the St. Andrew’s by-the-sea Foundation in 1998, this capability expanded to include broader goals.  St. Andrew’s By-the-Sea Foundation oversees growth, development, & distribution of funds received for the benefit of designated activities, programs, groups and ministries of St. Andrew’s By-the Sea United Methodist Church.  The Foundation also seeks to inspire continuous recognition and response to its purpose on behalf of the church it serves.