Foundation Funds

Funds within the Foundation are divided into three main categories:

  • General Endowment - This fund preserves principal with gifting allocated from annual earnings. The intent of the Endowment is perpetuity and growth.
  • Designated Funds - These funds are purpose-driven funds, either temporary or perpetual. They are intended for specific purposes. The St. Andrew's Foundation hosts a number of designated funds which are listed below.
  • Memorial Garden - These funds help to sustain and enhance the St. Andrew's Memorial Chapel, the only cemetery type (columbarium and ashes) facility in South Orange County.

Designated Funds

  • General Endowment (Est. 1998, but incorporating funds from the original endowment fund formed in 1979).  To maintain the original corpus of funds with their original purpose under Article II.a. of the articles of incorporation of the Saint Andrews Memorial Endowment Fund 1979, to wit:  “The specific and primary purposes are the aid, promotion, and development of the religious, charitable and educational activities, purposes, functions of Saint Andrew’s By-the-Sea UMC of San Clemente, California.  Principal funds in this fund will be maintained, funds as allocated above principal annually will be used for purposes as described in the fund.
  • Memorial Chapel (Est. 2000).  The money in the fund will be used for the construction, maintenance, or improvements to the Memorial Garden.
  • Seniors  (Est. 1999).   The money in the fund will be available to support the Senior Ministry of St. Andrew’s By-the-Sea.
  • Camping (Est. 1999).  The money in the fund will be made available on an annual basis to the education ministry to send children and youth to camping experiences.
  • Music ( Est. 1998).  The money in the fund will be made available to the Music Ministry of St. Andrew’s By-the-Sea.