Board Membership

The Board consists of not less than nine (9) nor more than fifteen (15) Directors (Board Members).  Board Members are elected by the Board.  A majority of the Board Members must be members of St. Andrew’s and all Board Members must be a member of a United Methodist Church.   The Senior Pastor or his/her designate serves as an ex-officio Board Member.   Currently, the Board consists of twelve (12) members, with 4 of them serving as officers as follows:

Bev Sandelman (President)

Jim Wilson (Vice President)

Dixie Bullock (Treasurer)

Werner Keil (Secretary)

Paul Barnes

Jack Boatman

Don Brookes

John Carretti

Don Lemly

Bob Meese

Grant West

HeleneMickey Wilson

Pastor Adiel DePano (Ex-Officio)