About Us

St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea is a multi-generational church family of people who are living out of authentic, messy spirituality and genuine worship. We are a church where the rubber meets the road in mission and outreach.We believe that God’s love knows no limits and extends to everyone regardless of race, color, creed, gender, nationality, sexual preference or economic status. We are a church family that supports those in recovery from the struggles of life, including addiction, abuse, grief, and economic hardship. At St. Andrew’s, you don’t have to look like the “cool kids” to come to church.  Those of us with money and those of us without stand side by side in faith, fellowship and mission. Our church family is full of people willing to ask question and think, doubt and trust, try and fail, as we travel the journey of faith together.

Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Eric Smith, Lead Pastor


Our Staff

  • Ashleigh Roberts, Director of Family, Childrens & Youth Ministries


  • Spencer Schmitz, Sunday school director


  • Joanne Zap, Office administrator


  • Marilyn Stark,  Andrews Kids Director


  • Yasu Ichikawa, Choir Director


  • Nancy Rohr, Organist

  • Anthony Evans, Sunday Custodian

  • Luis Sanchez, Custodian