About Us

St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea is a multi-generational church family who are followers of the Way of Jesus in the 21st century: loving God, loving neighbors, and offering compassion to a world in need.

Our faith is deeply rooted in the Methodist traditions of personal transformation and social justice. We are socially, politically, and theologically diverse, yet we are one in the Body of Christ

We welcome people of all ages, races, gender identities, marital situations, physical conditions, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds.

St. Andrew’s is a congregation with open hearts, open minds, and open doors.

Our Staff

  • Ashleigh Roberts, Director of Family, Childrens & Youth Ministries

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  • Spencer Schmitz, Sunday school director

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  • Joanne Zap, Office administrator

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  • Marilyn Stark,  Andrews Kids Director

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  • Yasu Ichikawa, Choir Director

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  • Nancy Rohr, Organist

  • Anthony Evans, Sunday Custodian

  • Luis Sanchez, Custodian